December 15, 2009 Military Aviation News

Armed BLACK HAWK Demonstrator Completes Test Program Customer Demo Shows Sikorsky Helicopter’s Weapons in Action


Sikorsky Military Systems, a business unit of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., and Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT) have successfully completed the Armed BLACK HAWK (ABH) demonstrator program, proof-of concept for the development BATTLEHAWKTM helicopter. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Sikorsky Aircraft Delivers UH-60M BLACK HAWK Helicopter to Bahrain Defense Forces


Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today celebrated the formal delivery of a UH-60M BLACK HAWK helicopter to the Defense Forces of Bahrain. It is the first of nine aircraft that will ultimately be delivered. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder Demonstrates Air-To-Surface Capability


Raytheon Company demonstrated the capability to employ the AIM-9X Sidewinder advanced infrared-guided air-to-air missile to attack surface targets.

Aggressor pilots: Paid to play the villain


It’s the perfect job for anybody who likes the Joker better than Batman or cheers for Tom instead of Jerry.

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