Vought A-7 Corsair II

single-seat tactical fighter
Max Speed
635kt / 691 mph
Max Range
range 3,669 km / 2,280 miles
span 11.81 m / 38 ft 9 in
length 14.06 m / 46ft 1.5 in
height 4.90 m / 16ft 0.75 in
empty 8676 kg / 19,127 lb
max. take-off 19,051 kg /
42,000 lb
one Alison TF-41-A with 15,000lbs thrust
one M-61A1 20mm six barrel gatling, with 1018 rounds; provision for more than 6804 kg (15,000 Ib) of disposable stores on eight external hardpoints
Aircraft Overview:

Going by aesthetics, the A-7 Corsair II bears an uncanny resemblance to a drainage pipe with wings. However, the fact that A-7s can still be found serving today with various air forces, despite the technology demonstrators first flight in 1965, is proof that under the aircraft's bulky exterior lurks serious power. Allowing large loads of Air-to-Ground (AG) munitions to be delivered at high speeds, the A-7 Corsair II proved to be one of the most valuable striking tools US Navy (USN) carriers had at their disposal, attacking targets in a variety of theatres, from Vietnam to the 1991 Gulf War. A-7s succeeded Skyhawks and Intruders as carrier strike fighters until they themselves were replaced in USN service by McDonnell Douglas F/A-18s.

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