Boeing V-22 Osprey

multi-role assault and logistic V/STOL tilt-rotor transport
Max Speed
314 kt / 361 mph
Max Range
2/224 km / 1,382 miles
proprotor diam. 11.58 m / 38 ft 0 in width 25.78 m / 84 ft 6.8 in height 5.238 m / 17 ft 4 in
empty 14,463 kg / 31,886 lb max. take-off 27,442 kg / 60,500 lb
two 4586-kW (6,150-shp) Allison T406-AD-400 turboshafts
Japan (17 Ordered), United States
Aircraft Overview:

The Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey may rightly be called the most peculiar transport aircraft of the early 21st century, what with its ability to transform from a rotary-wing to a fixed-wing transport at the flick of a switch. Preceded by experimental VTOL cargo designs such as the CL-84 Dynavert and the relatively large Dornier Do-31, the V-22 is the first STOVL/VTOL aircraft to serve actively in any air force. With its innovative design and a slew of proposed variants, to all intents and purposes the Osprey appears to have been a success story for Bell as well as a necessary component of the USMC. However, political and mechanical trouble has plagued the Osprey during its production, with congress attempting to pull the plug on the purchase of Ospreys several times. The craft was also less than favourably reviewed by Time magazine, and remains a controversial type today.

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